Monday, December 27, 2010

Car Cozy

Now that Christmas is over, the train table finished, thread holder done, baby legs made, I was done with everything I had been working on. I can NOT wait to get started on the quiet book but don't have the supplies yet. I'm not brave enough to go shopping right after the holidays. I have no desire to be standing in line for hours to buy 3 yards of muslin with a screaming baby. So I decided to scrap together something with what I had on hand last night. (I'm in the crafting groove lol) I actually started out to make a crayon holder similiar, but changed my mind.

I was soooo ready to murder my sewing machine! A simple project took way longer than it should have. My thread kept wadding up on me and then my needle broke. I went through 3 needles. Apparently, the iron on bond stuff that I use when doing fabric appliqués gets the needle sticky and causes a lot of problems. Now I have to figure out another way of doing things because this is the third time I've had issues with it.

..So on to the car cozy. These are so cool! Zander agrees. He's been playing with it all night and all morning. And he now knows which one is the number "4". He's so shmart ;p


I used an old pair of jeans, some scrap fabric, and a magnetic snap from an old bag. The numbers are wax paper stenciled. I've done stenciling with printing on cardstock but I just learned it can be done with wax paper. The wax paper temporarily adheres to the fabric when you run the iron over it. Nifty. 

My sewing is not perfect. Like I said, I went through 3 needles lol. By this point, I was really just wanting to get it over with.

I did a variation of these: Jill's was my fave. I used her number template as well. Here's a car and crayon caddy that I found very creative. And My Little Gems has a great tutorial.

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  1. super cute! This turned out great!
    -Sarah from Create Studio