Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mortgage Burning Party!

Yes I did and VERY proud of myself, no humility on this one whatsoever lol. I sacrificed, stressed out beyond words and worked my ever-lovin bum off to get to this point. You will never know just how much of a load off paying my house off was for me and my situation. It's a miracle I didn't have an anxiety attack before I made it here. It's a miracle I made it here in the first place. Truly one of the best days of my life so I had to celebrate, and I will forever be grateful to all the people who helped me make it to this point.

 There she goes! Best feeling ever!

Unfortunately I didn't really get any pics, stupid me, but here are the cupcakes I made. The topper is my actual mortgage that I printed on cardstock with "Paid in Full" on the front.

And the favors were a cute idea. Smore's individually wrapped.

Zander's Tooth Fairy Pillow

..which oddly makes me feel steampunk-ish lol...

First tooth!!!!

Boy and Girl shared Mario Bedroom

First some cute-ness!!!

Now before you see the room, let me insert that I have NO free time whatsoever since I became a single mom and work almost full time. I have never gotton to do them a room until now, finally. I generally don't just "go at" something until I am prepared to do it exactly how I want it, however, current situation doesn't leave much room for that so I had to just throw it together in my off days and I had to use whatever paint I had on hand. I used the absolute wrong shade of green, but I already had a gallon I had bought about a year ago so I used that. I had some craft paint and I mixed my colors so if I need to touch up in the future I can't lol. I did throw a coat of  Modpodge over the bottom portions lol. I did not think of that 'til after I started. I free-handed everything and did the whole room in about 3 days working on it while the kids were in school. I wanted it to be a surprise. So pardon the lack of perfection, I am not exaggerating when I say I literally threw it all together as fast as I possibly could. The room isn't finished either as I need to paint the door, trim and ceiling and they need a new ceiling fan, but here we go...

finished pics first. I didn't get real good ones sorry!... 

the blocks are shelves...

the whole room before furniture...

I Modpodged pics of them "coming out of" the pipes... 

My mil got Zander the bedding and curtains and custom made Avalon's princess Peach bedding since apparently they don't make Mario room decor for girls. The shame!

The twin bed was a hand me down, the princess bed I traded a rocking chair for and the canopy I found in a bag of hand me down clothes from her cousin so bascially...
 the finished product... 
Mario room for two on a $0 budget in 3 days lol. (plus the cost of one large bottle of modpodge after a 40% off coupon) turned out cute and a huge thanks to the mil for all her help.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Master Works

Trying to decorate my bedroom, so far I got the walls painted and trying to decide about decor and to keep or change out the bed for the red upholstered headboard...

the broom adds a nice touch ;p

Monday, June 27, 2011

Seusstastical Party in Pink

Finally got around to bloggin these photos. Sorry it took me so long. I referenced a lot of other blogs on how to's so hopefully I can find them all again to link. I'm not going to go through the details of everything for the sake of time, I'll just show you and point you in the direction of a good tutorial.

This party was for my niece who just turned three. It was very last minute lol, but fun :) I had ideas already since I had been planning on doing Avalon's first bday in Seuss with a pink twist. I really love these colors.

Balloon wreath for the door. Made with one of those straw wreaths from the hobby store and the metal hooks to hook the balloons on. Super easy and cute. Tutorial

The outfits... My mother in law helped me with these. We did outfits for both the niece and nephew and my two kiddies. Print outs on the iron on transfer paper. Not too professional looking but they still turned out cute lol.

Avalons was just a little dress we found at Dollar Tree for a buck and added the matching ribbon across the bottom.

And my first attempt at hair bows. Matching ones with initials for the girlies. Tutorial

And decorations, I got out my scrap booking stuff. I printed out a bunch of Seuss quotes and put them up all over the living room...

The food table...

Truffula Tree pops, Tortilla pin wheels.

Green eggs and ham of course ;)  Last party I did was a big ham covered in parsley (I think) per the Dr Seuss cook book recipe. This time was much easier. I actually just took ham lunch meat and soaked it overnight in a zip lock with some food color and water. Held the color very nicely.

Got some more use out of these cute little bowls ;)  They're getting a little worn though ...

Labeled water bottles. I just cut and pasted and used the clear packing tape Tutorial

Favor bags with leftovers from Z's first Seuss party

The cake. I was going for topsy turvy-ish version of the classic cake in the Cat and the Hat book..
And the children ;)

cat and the hat cuppies... the hats are marshmallows and melted chocolate

Thing 1 and Thing 2 cuppies with cotton candy. Tip: make sure you use a bc frosting as the can frosting will most likely melt the cotton candy pretty quick. Especially in this Texas humidity.

I have to say I really loved the way the cuppy papers looked ;)  Those were super fun. 

Photo booth with a Seuss hat

More of the kids :)