Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Semi Temp Kitchen Makeover

This is by no means a "real" renovation. We actually have every intention of relocating the kitchen to another room entirely BUT we have more important things to worry about right now. For some reason though, men just don't seem to understand how much the decor and environment of a home can affect a woman's state of mind. At least mine anyway, lol. I find dark, dingy, peeling wallpaper and closed in claustrophobic spaces very depressing. Such was the state of our kitchen. It made me not want to be in it. The ovens (which did not work anyway) were built into the island in line with the doorway to the living room so if you were in the kitchen, you couldn't see around it. That was not good with children that need constant supervision. So while Jon was out of town one week I decided to do a quick mini makeover just to brighten things up and make it a "happier" place to be. Really all I did was paint, tear out the ovens, put up a temporary back-splash and some curtains but it made a world of difference and it left me feeling all bubbly inside ;p

Here is the only before pics I have. Shame on me for not taking more. We came to look at the house before we bought it and the hoarders were still living here. I took pics then so I could look at them and plan lol. This is one of those pics....

And this is while we were moving in. 


And here's the after mini makeover! I am seriously in love with my wall color. I was really scared to go that bright but I love love love it!


The back-splash is a nifty story. I had wanted one like this before we ever moved. After we moved and I was cleaning out all the leftovers from the previous owner I found several sheets of this stuff brand new in the package. I was literally about to chunk it out the door to burn and decided to take a peak at what was inside. SO glad i looked lol. It was dark green and super fugly colored so I spray painted it (my remedy for everything lol)

And my awesome mother-in-law sewed these incredible curtains for me. The best part of the whole room. See my curtain rod tutorial if you want to know how I made the curtain rods.

Lastly, Jon brought these home for me the other day. I didn't think the chef would go with lime green but I actually like them there. The black kinda ties it in.

Oh! and did I mention I was somewhere between 8 and 9 months pregnant when I did this? Now THAT is what you call "nesting" ;p

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  1. I love your kitchen as well!!! I'm going to enjoy your blog, I can tell! ha! I really love the green and the backsplash. I have wanted a backsplash like that as well but am having trouble spending the money whenever the backsplash I have is fine-just not "exactly" what I want. lol.
    Anyway, GREAT reno! Keep it up.