Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Conduit Curtain Rods

I found a tutorial for making home-made curtain rods and thought "I HAVE to try this!!!". I had actually just went and bought some cheap curtain rods for my living room that ended up costing me a total of almost $50. After I saw this tutorial, I immediately took them back. No way am I going to spend $50 on something I can make for about $4 each! This house has a lot of windows and I'm all about saving money. This is especially good if you have super wide windows or French doors.

Materials: 1/2" conduit, cabinet knobs, 5/8"dowel rods, L brackets, conduit straps, spray paint, a hack saw and drill.

Cut the conduit to fit your window.
Cut the dowel about an inch long. This is just to hold the screw from the drawer pull.
Drill a hole into the piece of dowel and insert the screw for the drawer pull.
Slip that into the end of the conduit and you should be able to screw the end on and off like a regular curtain rod. (I actually tried to short cut and hot glue my ends on but that does not work lol. Hot glue and metal are not a good mix.)
 And finally, spray paint them whatever color you want. Just don't forget the screws like I did... both times.

These were my first attempt. I actually found a random bag full of drawer pulls in this old house. Score! Once I had them done and up, I realized I didn't really care for the ends but they were free so I can't complain...

And these are my second attempt for the kitchen windows. I bought literally the cheapest drawer pulls in the entire store and I really like the way these look. I'm seriously never buying curtain rods again :)

To see the original tutorial click here.

PS. A few tips: 1) don't buy cheap spray paint, and 2) apparently knowledge is not a prerequisite for working at a hardware store. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask the oldest man you see or the guy with the greasiest jeans.

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  1. Good job! Gotta make my own, will be in search of those materials and then return the 40 dollar curtain rod I just bought!